Vaseema Arifuddin

Principal, ISNA Elementary School
B.Ed; B.Eng; OCT

Ms. Vaseema Arifuddin has been a part of ISNA Elementary School for the eighth non-consecutive year, first joining in 2007. Prior to her arrival in Canada she worked in Oman as a biomedical engineer. In 2009, she completed her Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Toronto’s Ontario Institute of Studies in Education (OISE). She received her Ontario College of Teachers certification in 2010. She has successfully taught grades 5 to 11 in different Canadian schools, gaining a great amount of industry experience ranging from core teaching to educational entrepreneurship.

Ms. Arifuddin also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering along with a diploma in Management Studies which gives her a competitive edge in teaching various mathematics, science and technical subjects.

She also had the opportunity to teach internationally in Gems American Academy, Abu Dhabi which gave her an exposure to the Chicago Mathematics curriculum. These several career roles have equipped Ms. Arifuddin to evolve as a critical thinker and strategically plan to build her students’ level of confidence. She has a great passion to ensure that her students look forward for an engaging and thought provoking math and science classes. She has learned extensively from the diverse knowledge and learning habits of students, by creatively building an Islamic learning environment. This has embedded in her a wealth of experience to help her bring vision, professionalism and culture to the classroom.

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