Experiences at ISNA Elementary

Here are many exciting things happen at ISNA Elementary. Explore the following.

Student Life at ISNA Elementary

Getting involved in some of the many activities at ISNA Elementary will enrich your school life and create lasting skills, memories, and friendships. Student life involves your academics plus a whole lot more.Take a risk; join something new or outside your comfort zone. Find like-minded students and share your skills or develop new ones. Be a leader or learn to become one!

Students can get involved with:
Soccer Intramurals
Arabic Week
Ara-bee word list
Golden Age of Islamic Science
Parents Advisory Committee (PAC)

Welcome to the ISNA Elementary School Parents Advisory Committee!


Monthly PAC Newsletters:

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October 2016
December 2016
Awards and Recognition at ISNA Elementary

Student recognition and appreciation is given a lot of importance at ISNA Elementary School. The purpose of our awards and recognition programs is to promote and encourage academic excellence, leadership, exemplary conduct, and service to the community.


As our society advances, education is rapidly changing. New paradigms of teaching as well as modern resources have appeared on the horizon leading to a new age of education. At ISNA Elementary School we believe in a blended approach. Through modern technological platforms our e-Learning program is very vibrant and has been successful ensuring a high level of student engagement leading to academic success.

School Year Calendar