Why Choose ISNA Schools?

Families seek an ISNA Schools education for their children because they seek excellence. We are committed in excellence in our outstanding curricular and Islamic programs.

Our students expand their minds and hearts in our rich and challenging environment where leadership is expected and where a passion for doing good in the world is nurtured.

The School

ISNA Schools represents both possibility and opportunity. Our graduates flourish in a supportive and energetic community where high expectations for achievement and leadership allow each to achieve their potential.

The Parent

As a parent, the choice to send your child to ISNA Schools represents your belief in his/her future—a future of fulfilment through achievement, responsibility and leadership.

The Student

As a student, the decision to attend ISNA Schools represents a choice to flourish in a community that nurtures academic and Islamic excellence while offering opportunities to create friendships that can last a lifetime.

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If you have more questions about the admissions process or wish to arrange a tour, please call the Admissions Office at 905-272-4303 for inquiries regarding JK to Grade 8. For questions regarding grades 9 to 12, call us at 905-403-8406 ext 300.

Admission Policies and Procedures

ISNA Elementary School (K-8)

We would like to welcome you to ISNA Elementary School and we thank you for your interest in registering at our school. Our mission is to provide a challenging academic program in an Islamic environment, preparing students for secondary education.

In order to maintain our standards, our admissions are based on a selective process.

Please review the following steps:

STEP 1: Application


Complete and submit an Application Form to the School Office. Each child in the family needs to have a separate form.

The fee for this submission is $50 (payable in cash or cheque). This is non-refundable.

Children applying will be placed in a grade according to their chronological age.
Submit report cards from the last two years. Report cards must be in accordance with ISNA Elementary School standards. Report cards must contain appropriate grades clearly indicating student performance
If requirements i) – iv) are satisfactory to the School Administration the child is entitled to:
a placement on our school waiting list for their respective grade in September
an entrance assessment in English language and mathematics based on the applied for grade level
an interview with a School Administration official (Grade 6-8)
To maintain waiting list status prior to registration students must:
pass entrance assessment in English language and mathematics with a minimum score of 70% or B- in both subjects
pass interview with School Administration official (Grade 6-8)
The ISNA Elementary School Admissions Committee will make the final decision regarding application approval. Parents/guardians will be notified of this decision.
STEP 2: Waiting List

Once an application has been approved the student applying will be placed on the School Waiting List
Waiting List priorities to fill vacancies will be based on (in order):
Applicant has satisfied application requirements outlined above
First-come-First-admittance basis (Date of Application)
Applicant has sibling(s) in the school
Applicant is transferring from another Islamic school
Parents/guardians will be notified once a vacancy occurs for their child to continue and register into the school
STEP 3: Registration

Approved applicants must ensure that the following requirements are completed and provided to the school office:

Completed Registration Form
Make payment for the $100 (non-refundable) registration fee per student in the form of cash or cheque
Completed Medical Form
Copies of applicant’s health card and recent immunization record
Two recent passport-size photos of applicant
Copy of applicant’s Birth Certificate and/or Passport
Signed Enrolment Contract and Financial Agreement
NOTE: The School Administration will nullify the applicant’s admission:

if any provided information is false, contradictory or inaccurate
if the OSR from the previous school shows any misconduct or contradiction to any documentation provided to the school

ISNA High School (9-12)

The growth of the school and graduation success has lead ISNA High to become a leading Islamic Secondary School with an extensive demand within the community.

There are 3 steps to the admissions process:

Submitting an application form with documents(before end of deadline)
Writing an entrance test
Interview by Principal
$100 (non-refundable) fee required for application form for student to be placed on the waiting list.

Everyone who applies is automatically on the waiting list. The number on the waiting list does not guarantee admission.


Minimum Average in Math, Science, English is 75% from previous year’s report card
Minimum mark of 70% on the entrance test
Proper conduct and eagerness to join the school shown in interview with Principal
Positive feedback from reference check of former school
Priority for admission is given in the following order:

ISNA Elementary students
Siblings of current students
Top applicants who exceed school requirements
Please see deadlines and important dates related to application process on the left side.

An Application Form and the Fee Schedule may be downloaded from our website or obtained from:

the school office at:

2200 South Sheridan Way, Mississauga, ON, Canada L5J 2M4

Telephone: 1.905.272.4303, Ext. 300 | Fax: 1.905.403.9463 |

Application Forms

Below are the forms that are required for admission into ISNA Elementary School and/or ISNA High School.

Prior to completing forms please read Admission Policies and Procedures for both schools.

Tuition Fee Schedule 2020-2021

Access the 2020-2021 Tuition Fee Schedule presented in annual figures.

View Schedule

FAQ's for International Applicants

Does ISNA High School accept international students?

Yes, we accept international students. We do not assist with Student visas until the student is accepted in the school. We will then issue an Acceptance Letter which can be used to obtain a visa, but we do not get involved in any other way. Applicants must arrange their own visas.

Do international students pay different tuition fees?

International students pay the same fees as residents.

Is ISNA High School a boarding school?

No, we are not a boarding school. We do not assist with living arrangements and cannot provide contacts or recommendations for living accommodations.

Do you have transportation or carpooling?

The school bus service operates independently from the school and only in the Mississauga area. All arrangements and payments must be made through the bus company. We do not assist with carpooling arrangements.

Do parents have to be living in the country with the student?

No, as long as the student has a legal guardian here in the city.

How does the Waiting List work?

Admissions is merit-based, although priority will be given to ISNA Elementary School students and siblings of current students. Submitting an application to the Waiting List does not guarantee admissions.

How can I guarantee or hold a spot for admissions.

Spots cannot be held or guaranteed ahead of time. Each applicant must go through the complete admissions process.

Do you provide Financial Assistance?

We do not provide subsidy for international students. Financial Assistance is limited and the priority is given to local families.

Can an international applicant write the Entrance Test overseas with a proctor?

No. Entrance Tests can only be written in person in our office.

What is the deadline for international applications?

Applicants must be tested and interviewed by July 15th to qualify for September admissions.

What are the criteria for admissions?

75% report card average in English, Math, and Science. 70% passing mark on the Entrance Test. Interview with the Principal.

How are credits / courses transferred to the Ontario system?

After admissions is granted, the student will sit for a credit assessment with the Guidance Counsellor.

Do you have ESL classes?

We do not have ESL classes and cannot provide tutoring for students who need ESL help.

Do you have an IB Program?

We do not have an IB Program.

I am moving to Canada specifically for ISNA High School - can you open additional seats for admissions?

Our class sizes are limited and we cannot open additional spots.