One of North America's pioneer Islamic day schools, consisting of two separate campuses, an Elementary campus and a High school campus.


ISNA Elementary School is a progressive, co-educational, Muslim elementary school for students in Grades JK to 8.


ISNA High School is a Mississauga-based progressive, co-educational, Muslim secondary school for students in Grades 9 to 12.


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The mission of ISNA Schools is to provide a challenging academic program in an Islamic environment, preparing students for post-secondary school education.


Message from Salar A. Rasoul, Principal, ISNA High School

With the grace of Allah, ISNA High School has become one of the leading Islamic Secondary Schools in Canada, striving to enlighten future generations. We have a state of the art facility, Ontario Certified Teachers who are role models for the community, full adherence and compliance with the Ontario Ministry of Education. Our unique program provides many opportunities for leadership development and training, in addition to instilling Islamic teachings and values. Students have the unique opportunity to also learn from two of the leading Muslim community scholars in Canada, Sheikh Abadalla Idris Ali and Sheikh Alaa ElSayed. Advancement in latest technology and educational trends allows for students to maximize their potential and receive entrance scholarships and awards to prominent universities in Ontario and worldwide. We are proud that with our university admission rate of over 98% and students strengthening their Islamic identity, ISNA High School has become a beacon of light for the community by the grace of Allah and the support of the community.

Message from Vaseema Arifuddin, Principal, ISNA Elementary School

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Principals' Message

Student Life

Getting involved in some of the many activities at ISNA Schools will enrich your school life and create lasting skills, memories, and friendships. Student life involves your academics plus a whole lot more.Take a risk; join something new or outside your comfort zone. Find like-minded students and share your skills or develop new ones. Be a leader or learn to become one.

There’s many ways to get involved by joining clubs, sports teams, Student Activity Council. Want to start a new club? Great, we’re always looking for students to use their creativity and initiate new activities for students.

ISNA Schools encourages parent involvement

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ISNA Schools Staff

At ISNA Schools, our most distinguishing feature is our people. The faculty at ISNA Schools are not only certified but also qualified to teach our students. Our school administration includes personnel with high qualifications and experiences directly related to education. Our teachers possess credible and relevant experiences in education as well as their respective fields. Our faculty specialization works in harmony with subject specialization.

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